BPER Banca, year after year

We think that history is in the hands of those who know how to change and evolve. For over 150 years we have chosen to grow together with the people who trust us, in the territory and for the territory. BPER Banca today is a large, solid national bank because, thanks to its roots, it has been able to adapt to changes, making it its strong point.

Our growth path

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Path of our logo

From 2015 to today we have come a long way and our logo has traveled it alongside us.

It reflects our personality, it tells who we are and our promise: to give a new shape to everyone's future.

The strength of a brand is an expression of its ability to convey the company's identity and positioning. Today BPER Banca is among the top brands in the sector in terms of notoriety and spontaneous memory in people. Thanks to this result, we are ready to evolve our logo and certify the solidity and recognizability achieved as a large national bank.

The word "Banca" disappears from the logo and the size of the "squircles" increases, which thus take on greater relevance, establishing themselves as a distinctive graphic element of the brand


Our new Positioning

2023 marked the definition of a new purpose, with a new positioning and new objectives; elements that represent the basis of the Bank's strategy, and which arise from listening to customers and its people.

The image chosen as a distinctive feature of the new positioning is the "spark", impulse and energy capable of encouraging an idea, realizing a project, accelerating and evolving. BPER Banca wants to be the spark capable of supporting entrepreneurial dreams, accompanying the growth of families and territories, and illuminating the search for solutions to real needs.

Once the positioning was redefined, it was important that the payoff also evolved together with the Bank. Hence a signature that defines the new course and speaks of transformation, possibilities and new beginnings: "Dove tutto può iniziare."


The new “BPER e-volution” industrial plan presented

The plan presented on 10 June 2022 envisages the evolution towards a Multi-Specialist and Capital Light business model, capable of enhancing the national scale of the Group, the Factories.

Proprietary product and enabled by a profound technological-digital transformation with specialized distribution channels.

Also in 2022, Banca Carige was incorporated and we became the 3rd group in Italy in terms of global deposits and number of branches.


We are the third national bank by number of branches

In 2021, the acquisition from the Intesa Sanpaolo Group of the banking business complex consisting of 486 Branches and 134 Operational Points was completed, the geographical distribution of which expresses a high concentration in Northern Italy, in particular in Lombardy.


The new industrial plan "BPER 2021 Strategic Plan" was presented.

With the three-year development plan presented on 28 February 2019, we want to confirm ourselves as a point of reference for families and businesses by supporting the growth of the local economy, focusing on digital transformation, process and product innovation, new internationalization strategies and a renewed commitment to Social Responsibility.

Also in 2019, Unipol Banca was incorporated.


150 years of history.

Ours is a history that has 150 years of responsibility, loyalty and concreteness. A story made not only of numbers but of attention, success, consistency and growth. Everything that led us from a small local cooperative bank to becoming BPER Banca.


BPER Banca transforms into a joint-stock company

Since the past we have been oriented towards the future to seize all the opportunities that change brings with it. In our history there has always been a commitment to building a solid tomorrow. With the Shareholders' Meeting of 26 November 2016 BPER Banca transforms from a Cooperative Society into a Joint Stock Company and faces a new challenge.


A national reality that draws strength from people.

Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna acquires a new identity and becomes BPER Banca, a national reality whose strength remains its people. Starting from this strength, BPER Banca chooses to renew itself to clearly underline its positioning.

A careful operation of redefining the brand which clearly expresses the usual values, fully responding to the times, in total harmony with the industrial plan that will guide BPER Banca until 2017.


Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna is born.

In 1992, the Romagna area came into play: Banca Popolare di Cesena joined an institution that now had strong roots throughout the region. The new name proudly declares it: Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna often abbreviated to BPER. Thanks to the profound affinities of these small and hard-working banks, the values ​​and habits do not change: great concreteness, direct knowledge of customers, balance in relationships. But also the attachment to the territory, understood as a group of people, families and businesses: a community that has a common sensitivity.


Together for development
and growth.

In the 1970s, an aggregation movement began among the cooperative banks in the region. The fate of the Modena bank meets that of a cooperative institution with similar origins, which another group of Emilian citizens and workers had created in Bologna in 1882. In 1984, they created together the Banca Popolare dell'Emilia.


A bank that was born from the bottom to reach the top.

Over the years, the Bank responds to the daily needs of families and small and medium-sized local producers, starting with farmers and artisans. It rewards the small savings of citizens of all classes, finances their credit and economic initiatives.


The foundations: participation and
collective commitment.

From the completely innovative initiative of men and women from Emilia who organize themselves and collaborate to provide for their own needs, the Banca Popolare di Modena was founded in 1867 on the initiative of the Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso. The small but efficient structure grows gradually and safely, affirming the values ​​of participation and collective commitment.

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