We actively participate in cultural, literary and musical initiatives throughout the country.
We support associations that promote reading, art and history, and general culture.

The Gallery

It is an exhibition space open to the public on Via Scudari in Modena. With the La Galleria project we enhance, protect and make usable one of Italy's largest corporate collections, which has about a thousand valuable works of art. Not just a museum, but a reality open to cultural exchange and dialogue, close to the territory and people.

BPER Forum

It is a multifunctional architectural complex located in Modena, capable of hosting a wide range of events, from congresses and meetings to exhibitions and displays to theatrical performances. A true "knowledge space," designed by architects Ferdinando Forlay and Silvio Cassarà in collaboration with Maria Claudia Brighenti, and inspired by ideals of simplicity, elegance and functionality.

Goal Zero Area at MUSE di Trento

A project in partnership with MUSE - Museum of Science in Trento, with the aim of letting visitors know how much shared value can be created by using their savings, selecting different investment strategies related to sustainable finance, and the initiatives proposed by the BPER Group that generate a positive and long-term impact on the environment and society.  .

Projects for school

Cultural initiatives
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