Why knowledge is essential

We believe that it is fundamental to educate adults and young people on the topics of financial education. This is why we have been committed to projects and initiatives for years. The aim is to increase the number of people with specific skills in the field of finance and economics, helping them to make conscious choices about spending, investing and saving.

Our financial education projects

From initiatives in schools, to social content, to events in branches: we tell people of all ages clearly and in simple words about the financial economy, to help them understand the mechanisms that govern this world and make more conscious choices in managing their savings and investments

Education 0-12

For very young children

5-10 years

"Tarabaralla - Il tesoro del bruco baronessa" (Tarabaralla - The treasure of the baroness caterpillar) is the project aimed at the youngest children, devised by BPER Banca with the publishing house Carthusia. A new formula for talking about financial education in the family and at school, useful for making the new generations aware from an early age of the value of things and the importance of "setting aside" to realise their dreams.

Learning while having fun

primary school, up to 12 years

GRANDE! is a project dedicated to girls and boys, also involving parents and teachers from primary schools. The initiative was created to educate young children about savings and economics, with cartoons and games to learn while having fun. The educational programme, which has already been joined by almost 11,400 primary school classes, has seen the participation of over 287,000 families and children.

Edcucation for teenegers

Let's grow up together

Secondary school

We organise initiatives aimed at schools on financial education, citizenship and sustainability. The aim is to increase basic knowledge on insurance, social security and the management and planning of personal and family financial resources, through events aimed at students, teachers and parents.

Education for university student

To build your future

university students

We promote various financial education projects for university students, with the aim of providing practical knowledge on money management, the conscious use of credit and investments. Understanding financial education concepts helps you to be more aware and make informed decisions, to build the foundations of your future.

Education for adults

It's not too late to learn!

For all

We promote financial education through the creation of original content, the creation of podcasts, and the organisation of events and webinars, to disseminate financial, insurance and pension knowledge and skills and empower everyone to make informed choices.

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