Corporate Governance.

BPER Banca is composed by responsible people who share the same mission: to support and connect people, businesses and communities to help them to develop their ideas, to protect them and to give a shape to a better future.

The Governance Model

BPER Banca's corporate governance model is a traditional one, consisting of two corporate bodies appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting: the Board of Directors, which is entrusted with the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration of the company and the Group, and the Board of Statutory Auditors, an internal control body with supervisory functions over the company's administration.

Shareholders' Meeting

The corporate body in which the corporate will is formed, according to the majority criterion.

The Corporate Bodies

of Directors

The administrative body of the Group, appointed by the shareholders' meeting

of Statutory Auditors 

The supervisory body that monitors compliance with the law and the principles of proper administration


The Board of Directors  has established the Committees. The composition was determined  having regard to the competence and experience.