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We realise our commitment to projects and challenges to make our country a place where economic, social and environmental sustainability are increasingly a reality. Starting from today.

Sustainability Report

We actively engage in environmental sustainability, minority and human rights initiatives to make a positive impact on the land and the community.

Our commitment to sustainable development

The Global Agenda for Sustainable Development (UN Agenda 2030), approved by the United Nations in September 2015, has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 Targets as the path to sustainability for countries and organisations around the world. These goals, to be achieved by 2030, tell us how the current development model is unsustainable not only from a social and environmental point of view but also economically.

ESG Ratings and Indexes

We believe in the importance of sustainability and want to make sure we are growing in the right direction. That's why we aim to continuously improve our ESG rating (or sustainability rating) on environmental, social, and governance performance

Cultural heritage as social value

BPER Banca's corporate collection enhances, protects and makes available to the community its extraordinary cultural heritage composed by thousands of precious artworks. Not just a collection, but a mission to restore social value in favour of the community's growth, with particular attention to the new generations.

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