Our activities to enhance the area and support the people who live there.

We contribute significantly to the enhancement of the territory through targeted investments, partnerships and liberality. Our actions are mainly concentrated in crucial areas such as welfare, cultural promotion and support for the younger generation.

EUR 4.6 million

In donations, including contributions to associations and donations and scholarships

Investments in the community
EUR 6.4 million

Investments in communities including cultural events, valorisation of artistic heritage and solidarity interventions.

BPER Bank Group for the New Generations

People involved in financial education activities

We believe it is essential to train adults and children on financial education issues, which is why we have been committed to concrete help projects and initiatives for years. The objective is to increase the number of

people who possess specific skills in the field of finance and economics, helping them to make informed choices about spending, investing and saving.

Over 140 thousand

people involved in financial education activities

With Gruppo Abele foundation for young people

Present4Future is a social inclusion project conceived by BPER Banca together with Fondazione Gruppo Abele, which will be developed through a three-year plan of social, educational, sports and cultural activities

Financial Education

Projects, events and activities for schools that promote the education of children and young people in the field of finance and economics, to provide them with skills to help them make informed choices about spending, investing and saving:

Progetti Correlati

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Tarabaralla. The Baroness Caterpillar's Treasure.

Publishing project to raise awareness among toddlers and young children about the value of things and the importance of "setting aside" to realize their dreams.

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Financial education project for elementary school girls and boys, supporting the role of teachers and parents..

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The instagram page @paghette_ is an editorial projects that encourage boys and girls to cultivate their talents through learning financial skills, while also offering tips for the conscious use of social media.

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A Step into the Future

Project supporting teachers in secondary schools to raise awareness of ethical and sustainable finance among girls and boys.

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B-education: ideas that count

National project promoted by theBPER Bank Group, aimed at young people studying at university, with scholarships up for grabs.

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Insieme a FEduF (Fondazione per l’Educazione Finanziaria e al Risparmio) promuoviamo iniziative formative rivolte alle scuole e agli adulti sui temi dell’educazione finanziaria, di cittadinanza e della sostenibilità. 

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La mia impresa il mio futuro

In collaborazione con la fondazione Sodalitas ogni anno realizziamo il Progetto "La mia Impresa, il mio Futuro".

Altri progetti educativi

The opinion of our customers matters even more

As part of BPER Bene Comune's charitable initiatives, we involved our customers in a Corporate Giving project in connection with our customer listening action, through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) satisfaction survey sent every year.

Trust "United beyond expectations" Onlus

BPER Trust Company is the BPER Banca company specialized in asset planning operations in the family context, generational transfer (including business), protection of vulnerable subjects, pursuit of charitable or public utility purposes.
As Trustee of the Trust "Uniti Oltre le Atteste Onlus", BPER Trust Company, has the aim of dealing with emergency situations (health, seismic, environmental) that could occur in Italy and to choose the "Beneficial Projects" to which to allocate resources to be managed according to defined rules.

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