We are the spark from which everything can begin.

Men and women who make their professionalism available by becoming connectors and activators, able to create a virtuous circle of positive values. We are the spark that gives life to the dream of building, together, an equitable, inclusive and sustainable country.

Mission of the BPER Group

We support people, businesses and communities to connect them to each other, generate new opportunities together and shape the sustainable future of our country.

BPER Group's vision: a sustainable and inclusive economy.

We believe in the sustainable future of our country and future generations. That's why we adopt responsible economic and social behavior, based on transparency, clarity and attentive listening to everyone's needs.

BPER Group Value:
5 key points

Our values inspire our choices
At BPER Banca, we act according to five values that always guide us.

We accompany your growth

We address people, businesses and communities who thirst for the future and believe in the power of connections. To those who believe that everyone's growth belongs to a unique virtuous circle fed by an interconnected network. We see your potential in the present to help you grow in the future. 

Close to you
at all times  

We create and nurture connections to unleash the country's energies and shape the future. We believe in the value of open and equal dialogue. We ensure physical and technological proximity, offering accessible and inclusive omnichannel services, curated with care and quality, ready to accompany you anywhere, anytime.  

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