Composition of the Supervisory Body

The SB, which makes use of the support of a Secretary, is made up of three components:
  • two external professionals equipped with the necessary skills, among whom is the President of the Body itself;
  • an employee of the Bank, equipped with adequate specialist skills, who does not hold managerial positions in the Bank itself.
The SB is equipped with an internal communication system for:
  • facilitate the reporting of situations that do not comply with the Model and the Code of Ethics and any relevant information pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001;
  • promptly obtain from the Corporate Bodies, Organizational Units and Bank staff the information, data and documents necessary to carry out supervisory activities.
The SB is also the recipient of specific flows, both periodic and on request, transmitted by the competent internal structures of the Bank.

The Parent Company Supervisory Body carries out coordination activities with the Supervisory Bodies of the companies subject to the Group Directives relating to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (and in particular Banco di Sardegna, Bibanca, BPER Credit Management, Optima SIM, BPER Real Estate, Sifà, BPER Factor, Finitalia, BPER Leasing (Sardaleasing) and Arca Fondi SGR, BPER Banca Private Cesare Ponti and Carige Reoco), favoring mutual exchange of information, knowledge and methodologies.

Except for any particularly serious cases, the Supervisory Body reports on the results of its activities to the Corporate Bodies in a dedicated half-yearly report which also includes - where necessary - proposals for corrective interventions.

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