A PARI MERITO is our programme to enhance the uniqueness

We are committed to counteracting all forms of prejudice and creating the conditions for everyone to feel respected and comfortable in their working environment, regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity.
The simple definition of D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) policies, although an important starting point, cannot in itself influence the change.
It is only through a long and sustained journey, focused on individual and community responsibility, that we can make a real impact in the life of our company and society.

We intervene through specific information and awareness-raising programmes and initiatives for employees, starting with top management.  We develop targeted organisational processes, such as the definition of a corporate policy " BPER Banca Group Diversity Policy", which identifies the areas of intervention and the commitments made to promote inclusion and equal opportunities in every employee management process.

The path

Respect and recognition of others are values that have always guided us. Everything has begun from a listening and in-depth process that has seen us committed on multiple fronts. On the one hand, we conducted an in-depth socio-demographic analysis of the corporate population, which resulted in the creation of a dashboard to monitor the kpi related to inclusion and equal opportunities topics. At the same time, we listened to our people through surveys and focus groups, from which we recorded people's perceptions but also gathered advice, suggestions and ideas.

Our pillars

BPER Banca ha aderito sul piano internazionale ai più importanti documenti programmatici e ai programmi a lungo termine per il settore bancario .


Only skills, motivation and experience count when selecting

Professional development

Everyone can aspire and compete for any responsibility position.

Work-life balance

We consider the balance between personal and professional life a key element.

Social Commitment

We recognise the value of diversity and inclusion as a resource for innovation.


We are committed to monitoring internal and external diversity data.

Concrete actions

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C.E.B Coltivare l'Equilibrio Emotivo

C.E.B. is the acronym that identifies a training programme for the development of skills related to emotional regulation, self-relation and interdependence with others. The aim is to promote emotional education, the development of positive relationships through communication, always non-violent and aimed at disintegrating individualism, to promote a non-judgmental interdependence. 

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Exempla is a project created to share our Group's leadership model: this model is built on the behavioural skills that managers and future managers must possess and constantly strengthen to work at their best today and in the next future. Exempla is aimed at the managers of today and tomorrow who want to face a professional growth path oriented towards personal development and employability.

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A path reserved for colleagues with disabilities (deaf colleagues and blind and visually impaired colleagues) dedicated to listening, knowledge and valorisation of each one's uniqueness. The course includes a training dedicated to all HR Business Partner and Managers of colleagues with disabilities (deaf-blind and visually impaired) on inclusion topics, and on valuing uniqueness and diversity and on the motivation of colleagues involved.

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Insieme per le Donne

In collaboration with DI.RE. ("Donne in Rete contro la violenza") we organised a series of webinars dedicated to an in-depth examination of the causes and concomitant causes of violence, aimed at all managers and then made available to all employees via the Group's training platform.

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Switch on your sparkle

An innovative project aimed at our corporate talents, to give younger resources the opportunity to discover and develop their strengths and potential to face strategic challenges and to shape the Group's future.


Flavia Mazzarella, President of BPER Banca, talks about Exempla, the management development path whose objectives include creating a pipeline of qualified women ready to take on leadership roles within the Bank.

Unique stories

Elena Peri, Head of Special Projects at BPER Banca, talks about her experience at the microphones of Freeda (@Freeda), explaining how for her diversity and opportunities are as important for people as they are for the company.

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