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The BPER Group considers people at the centre of its entrepreneurial project. For this reason, we promote paths that enhance their contribution, work-life balance and skills development, always ensuring an environment in which everyone has the same opportunities.


Total Employees

More than 1 million

Training hours

Top Employer 2024


99% employees

Permanent contract

47% Women

On total Employees


Female executives


*Calculated on fully consolidated companies. 25.83% if we consider the Industrial Plan objective, i.e. the Group data excluding Arca SGR

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Valuing talent and diversity

People training
and development

We pay great attention to the training and professional development of employees.
Training activities are aimed at updating technical knowledge and developing the managerial skills of the various professionals in the company, as well as accompanying the change projects that are transforming our Group.

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In 2023, more than 1 million hours of training were provided while the average number of training hours per employee was 53, with a per capita average of 54 for women and 52 for men.

Evaluation and skills development

A performance management process is in place, with an assessment and career development process for people.

The initiatives for our people

For years, we have been developing communication campaigns and initiatives to engage our people in ESG,
equal opportunities, professional development, Diversity & Inclusion.


It is the company's programme to enhance uniqueness and promote inclusion through concrete actions and programmes that guarantee equal opportunities for all people based on merit and aspirations.

Progetti Correlati

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BPER Banca Plastic Free

To reduce plastic consumption, inside and outside the workplace, we have provided more than 3,000 employees with a branded water bottle. Each employee consumes about 220 half-litre plastic bottles each year: since 2020, almost 20,000 water bottles have been distributed, which, filled from home, contribute to making our environment more sustainable and plastic-free.

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In order to raise awareness of ESG topics, we conducted a communication campaign that resulted in 11 Sustainability Pills for which we launched or carried out concrete actions. Each pill represents one of the 2030 Agenda Goals and contains practical tips and contests to stimulate virtuous action, as well as links and insights to the Sustainability Report.

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Piantiamola di inquinare!

An initiative in cooperation with Wecity, in which we involved around 500 employees for three months. All those who took part travelled to their offices by bike, on foot or scooter, thus reducing the emissions caused by their home-work journeys by 12 tonnes of CO2.r promote sustainable mobility among employees, who were encouraged to cycle, walk or scooter to work.

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Piantiamola di sprecare carta!

With the aim of reducing paper consumption by avoiding printed documents, we involved more than 1,200 branches (in the first edition in 2022) that implemented paper dematerialisation behaviour, resulting in a saving of 8,222,883 sheets and 28.94 tonnes of CO2.

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Vademecum for Energy Saving

To give substance to the sustainability pills, we have produced a document to promote virtuous behaviour and change bad habits and actions, without giving up comfort and services, e.g. by optimising the use of air conditioning and lighting devices and systems.

Health and safety

The policy adopted by the BPER Group to ensure that every worker works in health and safety has been outlined taking into account the following principles:

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Protection of the health and psychophysical integrity of workers, based on the definition of health given by the World Health Organisation, which integrates this concept with that of worker well-being, through the provision of high quality work spaces, equipment and processes.

Evaluation of "risk factors" and "risk conditions" based on the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 81/08.

Pursuit of the 'precautionary principle' on the basis of the prescriptions of Article 15 of Legislative Decree No. 81/08, and of Article 2087 of the Civil Code, aiming at the provision of company measures to improve the 'well-being' of workers beyond the regulatory provisions.


Benefits for which the company bears the costs 

These include a supplementary pension fund, supplementary pensions, health and dental insurance, Long Term Care, accident coverage, electronic meal vouchers, gift vouchers and staff conditions. 

Benefits made available
Employees can acquire them for themselves or their family members using so-called Welfare Credit, such as: reimbursement of expenses for education and family care, supplementary health insurance, payments to a pension fund, reimbursement of public transport passes, purchase of shopping vouchers and petrol coupons, vouchers for recreational, sporting and cultural activities, etc. 

Sustainable mobility

An area within the Welfare Plan, to combine people's wellbeing with attention to the environment in the cities where they live and work, which groups together information, initiatives and conventions on mobility.

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