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BPER Banca Presenting Sponsor of the 2024 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships


The presentation of the partnership between BPER Banca and the Artistic Gymnastics European Championships took place. In fact, we are the Presenting Sponsor of the event that will take place between April and May in the pavilions of the Fiera di Rimini. The conference was attended by Serena Morgagni, Head of the Communication Department of BPER Banca, the President of the Italian Gymnastics Federation Cav. Gherardo Tecchi, the President of the Organising Committee of the European Championships Marco Borroni, with the participation of Yumin Abbadini, Lorenzo Bonicelli and Martina Maggio.


The most important artistic gymnastics event in Europe sees BPER as Presenting Sponsor, confirming and strengthening its commitment to supporting an increasingly followed discipline and promoter of important values ​​such as collaboration, team spirit, personal discipline and respect for the rules. The Institute has always supported the world of sport, as an area of ​​loyalty and friendship, a training ground for commitment and human growth, capable of involving communities and families in a path of educational and social growth. Sport is inclusive and pursues values ​​that the Bank supports and promotes in its area of ​​activity and in supporting communities.

The European Artistic Gymnastics Championships are part of the calendar of sporting events promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region and in particular within the framework of a three-year agreement that the Region stipulated in 2022 with the Italian Gymnastics Federation, to launch a series of joint initiatives.

Serena Morgagni, Head of the Communication Department of BPER Banca, comments: “Sport promotes fundamental values ​​and skills that accompany the growth of boys and girls who will be able to treasure them for a lifetime. Investing in supporting youth sports activities means investing in the future of a healthier, more responsible and resilient society, where young people can grow as complete individuals and realize their potential. This is why we are happy to be a partner of the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships, an extraordinarily spectacular event capable of attracting an ever-increasing number of enthusiasts. Last year we were Title Sponsor of the Gymnastics Grand Prix and this year we are Presenting Sponsor of the European Championships, confirming our support in the field of Gymnastics, a discipline where passion and participation are experienced with enthusiasm and sharing". 

Farid Gayibov, President of European Gymnastic: "In just three months, the best gymnasts in Europe will demonstrate their skills at the Rimini Fair, on the occasion of the most important artistic gymnastics event before the Paris Olympic Games. Not only will you see It's potential Olympic medals, but you'll see an exciting battle for Olympic entry tickets and continental titles. A reliable title sponsor like BPER Banca adds incredible value. Knowing that such an institution supports our athletes increases our sense of community. Furthermore, we know from previous years that in Italy we are in good hands: the Italian Gymnastics Federation has great experience in organizing high-level competitions. I invite you to purchase your tickets immediately!".

The President of the Italian Gymnastics Federation cav. Gherardo Tecchi declared: “Ours is an important body because it is the father and mother of all the other Federations. This year we will celebrate 155 years of foundation in an Olympic season capable of giving us great emotions. And Rimini is the ideal place, because it has both the historical pedigree of the pioneers of the discipline, and the vocation to five hoops, thanks to a character like Romeo Neri, three times gold medalist in the individual and team all-around, as well as in the parallel bars - think - back in 1932, in Los Angeles, where we will return in 2028. In Rimini, which among other things is 45 minutes from my home, the FGI organized the first European Youth Championship, so I am proud to return there, after 40 years, also with seniors and as President. Thanks to the Emilia-Romagna Region which allows us to express ourselves at our best, in a land that normally exudes energy from every pore, let alone now. Thanks to BPER Banca, which has been able to make our positivity known by investing in us and in the values ​​of which we have been healthy and proud bearers since 1869. The 2024 European Championships are very important because they award the last passes for the Games, because in one season without the world championships they become the highlight of the international calendar, because they are also juniors and therefore will present us with the protagonists of the future and, last but not least, because we will have to defend the men's team title and we could repeat it with the women's one. The Romagna Riviera has always been a place of meeting, inclusiveness and exchange, an opportunity for discussion and fun, where the concept of well-being is combined with correct lifestyles, and sport and tourism go hand in hand. In short, it will be a year full of events, with the icing on the cake of the European Big Equipment Championships, which I imagine as a great merry-go-round of the Old Continent around the Olympic dream, to the magical notes of a Fellini dream scene".

Marco Borroni, President of the Rimini 2024 Local Committee: “I am honored to chair the Organizing Committee of the European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships. It will be an edition in which we want to enhance not only the welcome that Rimini can offer, but also demonstrate that in a trade fair district we can create an event which, in terms of technology, organization and services, will be able to surpass what happens or can be done in a stadium. sports, we will have over 32,000 m2 available to best create the ideal spaces for athletes and the public. It is an honor to also have as Presenting Sponsor a prestigious company like BPER Banca which has long believed it invests in sport and in 2024 chose us as the international event taking place in Italy, as it did with swimming in 2022 and with the volleyball in 2023. We are working synergistically with the Federation and with European Gymnastic, it is a very demanding job that involves many people. We will have over 300 volunteers in the field. On our part there is enthusiasm, professionalism and passion for organizing an excellent event. We opened ticket sales on December 7th and to date we have sold over 4,000 tickets, but as we say in our claim @bettertogether I believe that the maximum participation of the world of gymnastics and of all sports enthusiasts is an essential value also to make people feel our affection for the Italian teams, who have already been able to give us so much satisfaction in previous editions. We look forward to seeing you in Rimini”.


Statements: Yumin Abbadini, Lorenzo Bonicelli and Martina Maggio

Yumin Abbadini: “We come as European champions and competing in Italy will be very important for us because the support of our public is fundamental and we hope to see the arena packed with people ready to support us. We are working hard every day, I am right here in the Federal Center where we are today and we want to arrive in Rimini ready to give ourselves and everyone great emotions".

Lorenzo Bonicelli: “Wearing the Maglia Azzurra for each of us is a dream, a goal, but only when you wear it do you realize that the real work begins and wearing the Azzurri in Rimini will have an important specific weight. Relatives, friends and the public will follow us and for us it will be a charge of energy and, on the stage and in the stands, we will breathe enthusiasm and participation".

Martina Maggio: “2023 was a particular year with complications in recovery from surgery, for this reason I am here in Milan for two weeks to find an improvement through therapeutic treatments. It has been a difficult year, complex both from a physical and mental point of view; seeing your classmates doing exercises and not succeeding affects you, but I never give up, I'm recovering and I want to be ready for the most important events of 2024: Rimini and Paris. We know we are an example for the younger ones and this awareness charges you with positive energy; We too had an idol when we were little, having become a role model means that every day we can teach something and doing so is always a special emotion"




BPER customers will be able to purchase tickets by contacting the Organizing Secretariat of the event, from Thursday 15 February until Friday 12 April 2024 via email or by telephone 0521-531764. Tickets for each day of the competition will be available for purchase while seats last, according to the following details:

Qualifying days for men 24 and 25 April and women 2, 3 May

Ticket cost €5.00 (the seat will be assigned depending on the availability of tickets for the chosen day)
Ticket costs for the Men's Finals 26,27,28 April and for the Women's Finals 4,5 May

  • €60.00 category 1 ticket
  • €45.00 category 2 ticket
  • €25.00 category 3 ticket

Each ticket will be daily and nominative, therefore reserved.

Once the purchase process has been completed, the tickets will be available, on the requested race day, at the accreditation ticket office of the Rimini Fair.

For further information 0521-531764


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Dichiarazioni: Yumin Abbadini, Lorenzo Bonicelli e Martina Maggio  

Arriviamo da campioni europei e gareggiare in Italia per noi sarà molto importante perché il tifo del nostro pubblico è fondamentale e contiamo di vedere il palazzetto stracolmo di gente pronta a sostenerci. Ci stiamo impegnando ogni giorno, io proprio qui nel Centro Federale dove siamo oggi e desideriamo arrivare a Rimini pronti per regalarci e regalare a tutti grandi emozioni.

Yumin Abbadini

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BPER Banca Presenting Sponsor of the 2024 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships

The presentation of the partnership between BPER and the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships took place. We are, in fact, Presenting Sponsor of the event which will take place between April and May in the pavilions of the Rimini Fair.

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